Dog Bites in Florida

Pursuant to Florida statute 767, a dog owner is held strictly liable for any injury by the dog, whether it is a bite or other injury to person or property (such as another dog), even without the owner’s knowledge of the dog’s vicious propensities. Remember, this strict liability pertains to the owner of the dog, so keepers, custodians, or owners of the property where the animal is kept would not necessarily be liable.

An owner is liable when the injured party is lawfully on or in public or private property, including the owner’s private property, as long as the plaintiff was not a trespasser.

Now, an owner may be relieved from liability by posting a readable warning sign, in a prominent place on the premises, stating “bad dog” or “Beware of Dog” or similar content to put a visitor on notice. Further, a person who mischievously or carelessly provokes or aggravates the dog and is injured cannot hold the owner liable for the inflicted the injuries.

Thus, if you have sustained injuries to yourself or property due to a dog bite or attack, you may be compensated for those injuries by the owner.

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