Civil and Probate/Trust Litigation

Civil litigation is the broad term for matters outside of criminal law, such as legal issues that can arise in a contractual relationship, property and HOA disputes, and landlord-tenant matters.

A subset of civil litigation is probate/trust litigation, which can occur even when a person has proper estate planning documents in place

Vulnerable persons, such as those with limited capacity due to age, can be unduly influenced by selfish individuals to alter their Wills and Trusts or to give the selfish influencer a broad power of attorney to make alterations.

Unfortunately, this happens all too often; however, the legal system provides remedies to possibly nullify and void the inaccurate estate planning documents, and reinstate the proper prior Will or Trust.

If you are having a contractual or other civil dispute or you suspect a relative or friend lacks capacity or has been unduly influenced to alter or allow another to alter their estate planning documents, please reach out to Kubacki Law for additional information.