Criminal Law in the Maritime Context

Pursuant to Fla. Stat. Ann. § 910.006(3), Florida courts are granted special maritime criminal jurisdiction under any of the following circumstances:

  1. When a suspect on board a ship is a Florida citizen or resident;
  2. A suspect on board a ship is a resident of a state which consents to Florida jurisdiction;
  3. A ship’s official or an official from the ship’s flag state places a suspect on board the ship to the custody of a law enforcement officer acting under the authority of the state;
  4. The state in whose territory the act or omission occurred requests the exercise of Florida jurisdiction;
  5. The act or omission occurs during a voyage on which over half of the revenue passengers on board the ship originally embarked and planned to finally disembark in Florida;
  6. The victim is a Florida law enforcement officer on board the ship in connection with his or her official duties;
  7. The victim is a Florida resident and the act or omission is one of violence, detention, or depredation generally recognized as criminal;
  8. The act or omission causes or constitutes an attempt or conspiracy to cause a substantial effect in Florida that is an element of the offense charged;
  9. The act or omission is one with respect to which all states may exercise criminal jurisdiction under international law or treaty.

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